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What Is The Best Way To Open Clamshell Packaging?

Clam-with-decorative-sealThose hard plastic clamshell packaging methods may be a boon to manufacturers, since they protect the contents, prevent theft and provide great visibility. However, they can be a nightmare to open — just ask the approximately 6,000 Americans who end up in emergency rooms each year as a result of trying to open clamshell packaging with a sharp implement. These helpful tips make the process easier and far less painful.

Look For Perforated Clamshell Packaging

In response to consumer complaints, many companies have opted for perforations that make opening those hard plastic packages easier. Before trying any other methods, examine the package for perforations, tear strips and other methods of easy entry.

Use A Can Opener

This handy tool is found in nearly every home and it is the perfect instrument for opening clamshell packaging. The hard cutting edge of most manual rotary can openers can easily cut the straight edges of clamshell packaging. Once an edge is opened with the can opener, one of the following methods can be used to finish the process.

Simplify With Scissors

A pair of large, sturdy scissors can often do the job or finish off the corners left in the can opener method. Simply cut along the edges and around the corners to gain access to your purchase. The advantages of using scissors include being able to save the clamshell packaging for future product storage by leaving one edge intact.

Knives & Box Cutters

These tools, while effective, are risky to use. All too often, one slip is all it takes to find yourself headed to the hospital. When using a knife or box cutter, insert the tip between the two layers and twist gently, making sure that you do not break off the blade tip. One of the easiest ways to avoid injury when using box cutters or a knife, in any situation, is to always cut away from yourself rather than toward.

Commercial Products

If clamshell packaging is a part of your daily life, you may want to invest in a commercial product designed specifically to open clamshell packaging.

You can always get creative, but remember to stay safe. Some people heat clamshell packaging over an electric stove to soften the material, while others use a sharp tool to create their own perforations. Whichever method you use, be safe. Until theft is no longer an issue, clamshell packaging will, in all likelihood, be a part of your shopping experience. These tips should make the process safer and easier.

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