Contract Packagers Provide Services and Supplies

While there is no single cookie-cutter solution for product packaging, turnkey contract packaging providers are skilled at dialing-in strategies to further specific retail marketing objectives and enhance branding opportunities.  The spectrum of packaging needs is wide, so available alternatives address small-scale efforts, requiring limited packaging supplies and production runs, as well as high-volume custom packaging initiatives accommodating hundreds of thousands of units.

Packaging efficiency is achieved by matching primary and secondary packaging to the products contained within. Transportation, freight and storage costs are minimized when products are properly matched with appropriately sized enclosures.  Manufacturers and wholesalers weigh product packaging considerations with an eye toward economy, merchandising impact, and logistical cost-effectiveness.  For some, it is prudent to maintain inventories of packaging supplies in-house, while others are best served by turnkey contract packaging arrangements providing custom assembly and fulfillment.

Wherever your commercial or home-based packaging needs fall, on the range of services required, packaging solutions are in-place to meet your packing, labeling and shipping standards.

Service Options

In many cases, products themselves define essential packaging strategies.  The level of protection required, for example, dictates which enclosure types are appropriate.  Size and weight are key product features, helping guide packaging choices, as well as the precise dimensions of individual units. The primary path each product will take to its end-user also provides insight into suitable packaging approaches.  Shipper-friendly alternatives speak to those companies marketing products that will never see store shelves, while graphics-laden retail options are chosen for their point of sale impact.

Standard contract packaging services include blister packaging, pouching for liquid and dry goods, clamshells and other turnkey approaches, as well as partial assembly and fulfillment.  Outsourcing makes sense when jobs are complex, or involve processes that cannot be efficiently completed in-house.  Established contractors offer flexibility and provide the expertise required to guide jobs from start to finish.

Consistent access to high-quality, low-cost packaging supplies allows companies, and individuals, to manage various aspects of distribution using their own facilities and resources.  Hand assembly and box filling, for example, are achieved on-site for companies employing sufficient manpower to accomplish the tasks.  In addition to the range of turnkey services they provide, contract packagers like Assemblies Unlimited stand ready to supply bulk packaging materials for a range of self-distribution efforts.

Bulk Shipping and Packaging Supplies

Ideal packages, for unique products, often require multiple ‘levels’ of packaging, as they move through the supply-chain.  Primary packaging protects goods from harm, as a first defense, but often this layer of protection also serves as the face of the product, with merchandising requirements.  To get products to the shelves without incident, additional packaging reinforcements are utilized during transit.  Bubble-wrap and shrink film are used to secure items during shipment, as well as foam and other protective materials.  Corrugated boxes provide reliable protection for freight, especially for uniformly-sized items that are shipped regularly.  Corrugated goods, mailers, and shipping tubes of various sizes, provide efficient packaging options for shipping departments managing distribution.

Clear-cut distribution strategies foster timely order fulfillment, whether conducted in-house, or outsourced entirely.  Modern commerce requires flexible alternatives, which are met by contract packagers who provide services and packaging supplies.

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