Fitness Industry Effects On Packaging Design

Gone are the days of vitamin shops visited only by professional body builders. Today’s fitness market reaches every demographic as individuals strive to lose weight and improve their health. Nearly every corner store offers protein bars, energy drinks, and healthy snacks. As the demand for sports performance and nutritional supplements continues to rise globally, at an estimated rate of 24.1% each year, packaging design and fulfillment service companies have noticed a distinct change within their own market. The need for airtight, waterproof, light-blocking packaging materials that keep supplements safe and effective has followed a parallel course with the fitness industry’s growth.

Food-Grade Packaging Design

Protein powders, nutrition bars and most supplements require food-grade packaging as well as cGMP’s in the packaging process. Design teams help the food industry battle these natural threats to the integrity of their products and by offering a wider variety of food-safe options. Rigid containers, flexible film with a foil barrier and induction seals are just a few of the ways packaging design firms have shifted their focus to be more supportive of the rapidly growing fitness industry that promotes shelf stable products.

Increased Demand for Convenience

Another aspect of the growing fitness industry is an increasing demand for convenience. Juice boxes, energy gels, and yogurt-on-the-go are just a few examples of products that feature the adaptability and durability now required of packaging designs. Consumers are demanding convenient snack-sized packaging designs that fit easily into a pocket, purse or gym bag. For smaller health-related items that tend to be more expensive, blister packs and other forms of rigid packaging designs are also in greater demand. Pouches with a “canoe” fitment are extremely popular due to the convenience and re-usability feature.

Advantages of Adaptability

Just as being physically healthy helps an individual fight off infection and stress, so too has the packaging design industry demonstrated its healthy responsiveness to these new and changing demands. Health supplements are often made available in blends that must be accurately calculated to create a consistent product that is both convenient and protected from light, air, and moisture. Increased sales of healthier snacks has resulted in increased demand for stick packs: long, narrow pouches easily dispensed into bottles of water due to the easy opening film and the long narrow design. Nuts, dried fruits, protein powders and other supplements lend themselves to these durable, clear or printed films at an affordable price.

Along with the drive to become healthier, consumers are pampering themselves with lotions, natural cosmetics, and scented sachets that also required specific packaging design considerations. Stride for stride, the packaging design industry is matching steps and profitability with the global fitness industry.

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