How Can Custom Packaging Help Your Product?

When you manufacture a product – any product – you have to choose the best way to deliver it to your customers. Not only do you have to think of getting the product to the end user in one piece, but you have to choose packaging that enhances your product’s qualities; makes it jump off the shelf amid all the other products and say “Pick me! Pick me!” Custom Contract PackagingAnd while it’s something you might not like thinking about, someone may want to steal your product off a store shelf, so your packaging should also deter theft.

With so many things to consider, how do you choose the best way to package your product? Create custom packaging that meets your exact needs.

Packaging As Advertising

Attractive packaging is part of your advertising, and research has shown time and again that well-designed packaging helps sell a product. If the packaging isn’t integrated into your product, use this opportunity to create a one-of-a-kind, stand out package that will grab your customers’ attention.

While certain necessities like a list of features, instructions, and disclosures may occupy some of the packaging real estate, it’s the shape of the package, color, images, a recognizable logo and strategically-placed message that will make customers choose your product over a competitor.

Even if you offer your product in a simple bag with a cardboard hand tag, there should be something distinctive about the packaging that makes customers recognize your brand.

Packaging As Protection

Whether you’re selling candy, light bulbs, fragile electronics, or cosmetics, you want your product to be fresh and ready to use when the end-user opens the package. A sturdy box, blister or clamshell packaging protects your product from damage, even if the container is dropped, bumped, or improperly bagged at checkout.

What’s important is to have your product prepared for distribution in a way that will keep it intact even if it is fragile. Less breakage, spoilage, or denting during shipping, storage, and unpacking results in fewer damage claims and a better bottom line.

Also consider this aspect of protection: Items such as razor blades, vitamins and household cleaners are safe when used correctly, but can cause injury or damage if the customer cuts himself, overdoses or spills the contents. Effective packaging protects your customer from injury and limits your liability. Don’t overlook adding safety precautions to the packaging of certain products.

Packaging As Security

Small items such as SD cards, nuts and bolts, or batteries are easy targets for shoplifting or even accidental walk offs by well-intentioned customers. Even larger, high value items such as electronics can easily disappear when displayed without packaging or encased in a box that is easily opened.

Appropriate packaging discourages theft for you and your retailers by encasing a small or high value product in a larger, more difficult to steal package. Embedded security features on high-ticket items add an extra layer of protection.

Important side note on packaging size: While we’re talking about putting small items in larger packaging, remember not to overdo it. Consumers are more environmentally conscious than ever. If your packaging is perceived as too much for the product, your brand may get a reputation for being wasteful. When you have the opportunity to create custom packaging for your product, do your research to find the right balance between size and security.

Custom packaging allows you to have the best of both worlds: form and function. Don’t settle for an off-the-shelf solution when you can create a stand out custom package that that sells your brand, protects your product and discourages theft.

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  • Jasper Whiteside

    As hard as shipping companies may try, there is some probability that a package may be damaged on route to it’s destination. This probability goes up the further the package travels. It is good to follow the article’s advice and choose packaging that will protect the item adequately.