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Improving Your Products Profile with Supplement Packaging and Point of Purchase Displays

The retail sales and distribution of dietary supplements along with supplement packaging has changed considerably over the last fifteen years. Vitamins and other health supplements have traditionally been packaged in relatively plain bottles with informative but unprepossessing labeling, under the assumption that they would basically sell themselves. But a new emphasis on personal health and lifestyle enhancement has led to a more aggressive marketing for supplements of all kinds. In addition to vitamins, consumers are now shopping for herbal supplements, diet aids and energy boost products. As the market for these products grows, it is no longer enough to simply fill a bottle and paste a label onto it. Now, in order to compete with the rising competition, it is necessary to consider different packaging models that are designed to help put your products in front of potential customers, and ultimately into their hands.

Single Dose Supplements and Point of Purchase Sales

One of the major changes in supplement packaging and sales has been the rise of single or limited dose packaging. Where consumers would previously purchase large count bottles of vitamins and herbal supplements, they now look for “on-the-go” solutions to their supplement needs. Single dose packaging has become a large part of the total sales of everything from vitamins to aspirin and diet aids. Today, many companies are using the single dose packaging model to market their products via point of purchase displays (POP). These displays act as both advertisement and salesperson, and can be found in convenience stores, mom and pop shops and supermarkets across the country. Colorful displays catch the customers eye, and the single dose packaging makes them inexpensive and perfect for on the go purchasing.

Supplement Packaging

Two of the most common forms of supplement packaging for point of purchase displays is the blister pack and the single dose bottle or pouch. For products that are taken in pill form, such as vitamins, aspirin and many herbal supplements, the blister pack is ideal. One or more capsules or tablets can be safely secured to a blister card for retail sale. These blister cards can then be packaged into a colorful point of purchase display, ready for assembly at the retail site. Similarly,  single dose health supplements, such as diet drink powders, can be filled on site, labeled and packaged for display at the retail level.

Contract Packaging and Distribution

Those companies who lack the required packaging facilities in house will find contract packaging to be an elegant solution to their distribution needs. The right contract packaging firm can take your raw product from fill point to shipment ready, providing your wholesale customers with attractive, ready to assemble,  point of purchase displays that will get your product in front of potential customers. These easy to assemble displays are ready for retail, and will give your product greater visibility. Greater visibility means more customers and more customers means more profit for your company.

Choosing the right contract packaging firm can make all the difference in your product’s success. Assemblies Unlimited offers state of the art facilities the have been designed to handle all of your packaging needs. Whether you are producing supplements in pill, powder or liquid form, AUI can artfully to take your product from initial single use package through to finished POP display.  All you need do is supply the raw product and artwork, and Assemblies Unlimited will handle the primary packaging, secondary packaging and fulfillment. Their FDA, AIB and SQF certified facilities are ready to take your raw product, package it to your specifications and deliver retail ready point of purchase displays for immediate distribution. The right packaging plays a vital role in the success of any product, and Assemblies Unlimited is the one stop, full service turnkey solution to all of your packaging needs.

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