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Why Blister Packaging Is Popular?

Blister PackagingWhat’s the best way to showcase your product? The perfect packaging! But often the product gets tucked away inside a box where it can’t sell itself. That’s where blister packaging is superior to other packaging.

Let Your Product Sell Itself

Blister packaging has several benefits. The first is that it allows the consumer to see your actual product, rather than a photo on the outside of a box. By allowing the customer to view the product, it discourages them from opening the box and disrupting the packaging. This same feature makes it clearly evident if the packaging has been tampered with or the product is otherwise damaged.

It can also be a helpful sales tool to showcase your product and set it apart from your competitors’ product packaging. Though one of the main features of a blister package is its clear material, it can be customized with your choice of graphics on the paperboard, which is attached to the blister pack.

Another reason that blister packaging is popular in a retail setting is that it’s easy to display. A punched hang hole enables it to be hung rather than shelved. Products with a hang hole do great in a POP display, which can be a bonus to retailers. And if retailers do hang the package near a checkout counter, your sales are likely to be boosted from impulse buyers.

A Variety Of Options

A blister pack, also called a bubble pack, is made up of pre-formed plastic packaging that molds around the product. The front is molded plastic that keeps the product in place and the backing is often flat paperboard. The two are heat sealed together to form a secure bond that will protect the product during shipping and sales, but that is easily opened by the consumer (unlike its cousin, the clamshell).

Blister packs are commonly used for battery packaging and pen packages. Blister packaging is also easily recognizable for its use in pharmaceuticals where the pills are suspended in the clear material and backed with a foil or two-layer foil and paper backing.

Trap blister package have two sides of clear material that are molded to the product. The surrounding flat edges are sandwiched between paperboard. Other options allow the product to be sealed with RF sealing to deter theft and two-sided hinged packaging that is re-sealable.

Regardless of which type of blister pack you choose, there’s no denying its ability to effectively showcase your product and get it into the hands of consumers.

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