Bottle Filling

Assemblies Unlimited can fill dry powders, liquid ingredients, Gummy supplements, or confectionary into plastic or glass bottles.  Assemblies Unlimited has several full-service bottling lines including auger or hopper filling, automatic capping, metal detection, induction sealing, neck band shrink machine, inkjet date and lot coding, automatic labeling or full body shrink sleeving with a steam tunnel.

For powder filling, we can fill seasonings, spices, flavorings, sea salts, popcorn, and many other dry ingredients.  We can also source and procure any of the raw packaging materials locally including printed labels, retail folding cartons, counter displays, corrugated inner cartons, or master cases, and then can manage the complete food packaging project for you from start to finish. Our bottling facility is SQF level 3 certified.

Packaging specifications needed to receive a quote on Bottle Packaging:

  • Size of bottle
  • Size of mouth opening
  • Bottle style
  • Closure size and style
  • Type of label needed (full wrap-around or front and back labels)
  • Number of colors for printed labels
  • Fill weight
  • Sample of blended formula, solids or liquid that are being filled
  • Special temperature or humidity requirements
  • Certifications required (AIB, GFSI, SQF, Kosher, Organic)
  • Compression or induction seal requirements
  • Tamper-evident neck band requirements
  • Number of bottles packed into a case
  • Shrink bands required for multi-packs
  • Date/lot code requirements
  • Quantity planned for first production run (10K unit minimum)
  • 1st year estimated volume
Request For Quote Reply Within 1 Hour
You can discuss plant location state requirements with your sales packaging specialist.
Our typical minimum quantity is 25,000 per SKU per run.

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Assemblies has gone an extra 10 miles!

Assemblies Unlimited’s services are as there name implies, Unlimited. The people at Assemblies have gone not an extra mile for us but an extra 10 miles. Assemblies Unlimited, and Randy Shaw on our team has made all the difference.

Gordon Clauss
Beetle Blasters

An excellent guide through the process!

Assemblies Unltd. was, at first, a life saver. We had lost a vendor of long, long standing for packaging one of our products, and we wanted to update our packaging completely. Carton to pouch, update copy, soup to nuts. Jim DeKosta was an excellent guide through the process and the team assembled were amazing. Sometimes, especially when having to make changes unexpectedly, the new game plan can devolve into chaos. Not so with Assemblies. I would recommend this company for your packaging needs. All will be done in a professional, satisfying manner with an excellent finished product - and at the right price! Who could ask for anything more?

Susan Crouse
New Genesis / Monticello Drug LLC