Liquid Packaging

Assemblies Unlimited offers a wide variety of liquid packaging and pouching services for food grade products.  We are a full turnkey provider and will source and supply and of the packaging materials and printed film required for your project.  We collaborate with your packaging team to formulate, blend and fill into the proper pouch for the project based on the fill weight(s) and style of the pouch.

Part of this our service includes defining the pouch size based on your liquid fill weights, then creating the die lines for your graphic artist based on what type of equipment we will use to fill and convert it.  Thru 20 years of flexible packaging experience, we will work closely with your team and help determine the proper film structure guaranteeing that the right material and oxygen barriers are used to maximize the shelf life of your product.  We can do liquid blending and some formulating upon the scope of the pouching project.

In addition, Assemblies Unlimited will provide any secondary packaging necessary to complete your project, including display design & assembly, multi-packs, shrink wrapping, club packs, PDQ displays, tray pack-outs, product fulfillment and more.

Some of the liquid ingredients that we fill include the following:

  • Toppings
  • Sachets
  • Marinades
  • Energy shots
  • Oils
  • Dressings
  • Liquid supplements
  • Condiments


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