Supplement Packaging

The Dietary Supplement and nutraceutical industries have been gaining popularity over the last 5 years.  Assemblies Unlimited has developed particular expertise in the contract packaging of many of these supplement varieties, including capsules, powders, foil blistering, card blistering, bottling, pouching, gummy supplements, protein powders, nutraceuticals, and much more.

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Assemblies Unlimited provides many contract packaging options for dietary supplement packaging, including but not limited to:

  • Pills into foil blisters
  • Specialty pills, capsules, and gel caps into carded blisters
  • Carded blistering
  • Pills/Capsules into plastic or glass bottles
  • Gummy supplements (Gummies with active ingredients)  into bottles or pouches
  • Large canister filling 1 lb to 5 lb of dry powder supplements
  • Pills/Capsules/Softgels into pouches
  • Cold Form Blisters
  • Probiotics – Dedicated room with temp & humidity controls
  • Natural supplements
  • Dry powder filling into pouches, plastic bottles, or rigid containers
  • Energy Gel liquid pouching
  • Pet supplements
  • Male Enhancement pill packaging
  • Automatic cartoning for foil blisters into IFCs.

Assemblies Unlimited is known for its full turnkey project management — supply us with the raw product, powder, or capsules along with any necessary artwork, and we will provide any packaging materials, including bottles, closures, printed blister cards, printed labels for bottles and more.  Many of the packaging facilities are AIB, FDA, SQF, Organic, NSF, and/or Kosher certified based on location.

Packaging specifications needed to receive a quote on supplement packaging:

  • Size of capsules of gummy bears
  • Quantity of capsules or gummy bears per bottle/pouch
  • Size of bottle or pouch
  • Production run volume
  • Labeling requirements (full wrap or front/back)
  • Induction seal
  • Weigh fill or volumetric fill
  • Due dates
  • Date/lot code requirements
  • Pack out (quantity of FGs per  shipper case)
  • What components would you like Assemblies Unlimited to supply
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You can discuss plant location state requirements with your sales packaging specialist.
Our typical minimum quantity is 25,000 per SKU per run.

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Helped us grow our market share!

I've been working with Jim for several years and he has helped us grow our market share in our space quite substantially by being transparent and easy to work with. Assemblies has been a huge asset to my company.

Collin Soukup

Perfect packs and boxes every time!

We've been working with AUI for years - Randy, Andrea, and the Team always know how to help us navigate sticky situations! We make Caffeine Gummies, they're absolutely amazing, but sometimes they have a mind of their own and like to cause a bit of trouble during packing. Never fazes them - perfect packs and boxes every time. Love working together, will for a long time to come. Thank you for all you do!

John Pinelli
Punch'd Energy

Frequently Asked Questions

About Supplement Packaging

We can package a wide range of supplement products, including capsules, tablets, powders, and liquids.

We use a variety of materials for packaging, including bottles, jars, pouches, and foil blister packs.

The packaging process can vary depending on the type and quantity of products being packaged. Lead times depend on the supply chain for raw materials, but once all the raw ingredients and raw packaging materials are in-house, we can start the packaging portion within a few days.

Yes! We offer custom packaging options to meet the specific needs of our clients. This includes custom labeling, bottling, pouching, printing, and final pack out.

Our minimum order quantity varies depending on the type of product and packaging requested. We typically have an MOQ (minimum order quantity) of 25,000 units per run per SKU.

All labels along with related artwork is all to be supplied by our customer using high-resolution files. We can supply any other raw packaging materials as well as the labor to complete your important supplement packaging project.

All of our plant locations have strict quality control processes in place to ensure that all products are packaged correctly and meet industry standards. This includes inspection of incoming raw goods, HACCP plans, and conducting audits of our facility and equipment by third parties on a regular basis.

Yes, we have several local warehousing and fulfillment partners who would take in the finished goods and manage the logistics for you, including drop-shipping direct to D/C or direct to the store.