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Kit Assembly

Packaging kits are becoming a popular option in the packaging and distribution industry with many companies offering their services to businesses looking to outsource their packaging operations. Kits offer a streamlined service and enable companies to easily and quickly process orders while delivering a high quality product; assuming they take the time to maintain their equipment and are willing to spend the money to buy top of the line machinery initially.

If you choose a company that focuses on speed over quality, then your product will suffer and you will find yourself with inferior packaging that may need to be reworked in order to be saleable. This is something no company wants. Having to rework packaging means a delay in delivering the product to the consumer and often requires the significant additional expense of hiring a company for the reworking project.

Save yourself the time and money by choosing Assemblies Unlimited for your initial kit packaging and kit assembly needs so you can be sure your order is completed right the first time.

At Assemblies Unlimited, we use only the best equipment in the industry, maintain a clean and sanitary work environment and make sure our machinery is tested and cleaned on a timely basis so we can offer a high quality product to our customers each and every time they choose to work with us.

Many of our first time customers are impressed with the quality of the packaging we do for them with such a fast turnaround time. We do everything we can to make sure you have your fulfillment services order is filled as quickly as possible without sacrificing the integrity and high quality of packaging people have come to expect from us. Our kit packaging and assembly machines are perfect for any application you could need them for.

We can use our machines to package ready-to-assemble furniture kits, game pieces, automotive kits, surgical kits, candies of a variety of flavors, frozen foods such as mixed vegetables, hobby or craft kits, jewelry making kits, beads, accessories used for plumbing or other household applications and just about anything else you can imagine.

The scales in our machines are precise so you are sure each package will have the exact amount of product you require and our sealing machines seal flawlessly to prevent spills, leaking or other means of product loss during shipping or sale.

Assemblies Unlimited is able to remain a viable option even as your business grows and your needs increase. All of our machines are capable of handling any order you will need filled regardless of how big or how small. Give us a call for a free consultation now!