Contract Packaging

Assemblies Unlimited has been working with clients in the contract packaging space since 1993 and has deep expertise across all industries. By engaging with Assemblies Unlimited, you will partner with a proven expert who will hold your hand thru the entire process and help you navigate the often confusing contract packaging landscape.

With a national footprint of packaging facilities, we provide a broad base of custom packaging solutions for both primary and secondary packaging, Food and Non-Food, and Liquid as well as Dry Powder filling.

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In our journey, one thing we have learned about most companies, whether large or small, are looking for a turnkey company that is a specialist in managing the full contract packaging supply chain from cradle to grave.

During our 30 years in business, we have come to understand that every customer, every project, and every co-packer is unique. Our ability to be your best solution comes from our experience handling thousands of full turnkey projects. This allows us to anticipate challenges and get ahead of them before they cause any miscues or delays. Since 1993 Assemblies Unlimited has simply become the gold standard and the go-to source as a contract packaging company.

Please fill out the Request for Quote form on this page to receive an immediate call back from one of our local project managers to get your program started. We are excited to begin working with you on your important contract packaging project.

Food Packaging

Secondary Packaging

Non-Food Packaging

Supplement Packaging

  • Gummy Bear filling into bottles or pouches
  • Tincture oil, tablets, and capsule filling into bottles and pouches
  • Protein powder into bottles
  • Canisters and pouches
  • Liquid supplement filling into bottles and pouches
  • Foil blistering of tablets and capsules

Assemblies Unlimited service proposition to our customers:

  • 24-hour turnaround on quotes for projects that meet our minimums
  • Full turnkey services for local sourcing and procurement of raw materials to save you money
  • A dedicated inside project manager who is accessible 24/7 to champion the details and timelines of your project
  • Flexibility and ease of doing business
  • Multiple plant locations across the US for contract packaging, contract filling and manual assembly
  • An experienced outside sales manager to guide you thru the onboarding process
  • Financing arrangements for any unique equipment required for your specific program
  • Fulfillment and third-party logistics support for projects requiring back-end warehousing and distribution services
Request For Quote Reply Within 1 Hour
You can discuss plant location state requirements with your sales packaging specialist.
Our typical minimum quantity is 25,000 per SKU per run.

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Quickly and easily solves any problem!

We approached Assemblies with a nothing more than the general idea of the type of packaging we were looking for; they were able to get us the exact sizing, die lines, and everything else we needed to turn that into a reality. At every step in the process we found the team at Assemblies to be both responsive and knowledgeable, able to quickly and easily solve any problem we ran into. If you're looking for a packaging solution, I highly recommend you take the time to talk to these guys.

Sean O’Neill
Toast! Supplements

I would highly recommend Assemblies!

Randy and his team do an exceptional job. They take an ENORMOUS amount of complexity off my plate and let me focus on what's mission-critical for my business. I would highly recommend them to any company that's trying to coordinate a large number of moving parts regarding product components, filling, and assembly. Thank you so much Randy!

Chris Tolles
Sundaily, Inc.

Frequently Asked Questions

About Contract Packaging

Contract packaging, also known as co-packing or third-party packaging, is the process of outsourcing the packaging and assembly of products to a third-party provider.

The main benefits of contract packaging include cost savings, increased efficiency, and improved flexibility. By outsourcing packaging and assembly, businesses can focus on their core competencies and reduce their overhead costs.

A wide range of products can be packaged through contract packaging, including food and beverage products, cosmetics and personal care items, nutraceuticals, and industrial products.

When looking for a contract packaging provider, it's important to consider factors such as the provider's experience and reputation, their packaging capabilities, and their ability to meet your specific needs. You can ask for references, discuss specific project needs, or look for prominent industry recognition.

During the contract packaging process, you should expect to work closely with the provider to ensure that your products are packaged according to your specifications or discuss specific requirements. This may include designing packaging, labeling and branding, as well as testing and quality control.

The cost of contract packaging will vary depending on the provider, the products being packaged, and the complexity of the packaging process. It's important to speak with your packaging specialist to ensure you're getting the best value for your money.

The length of the contract packaging process will depend on the specific project. On average, it can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months, but this can vary depending on the complexity of the project and the lead times for materials, plant location, and equipment used.