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Foil Blister Packaging CapsulesPackaging decisions drive sales, so selecting the best alternatives propels your products to the next level. Like many other packaging solutions, dietary supplement packages serve two essential functions.

Not only do supplement enclosures provide a primary layer of protection from moisture and other environmental impacts, but the packaging also serves as the face of your product.

Choosing the proper packaging method keeps pills, tablets, and capsules safe during distribution. And presenting informative, eye-catching graphics helps build brand recognition and tells your story in stores.

For the best results in bringing safe, distinctive goods to market, package your dietary supplements in secure, tamper-resistant, trap blister packaging with foil barriers. And use engaging graphics to stand out among competitors.

Face Blister vs. Trap Blister w/ Foil Barrier Supplement Packs

There are several different ways to package pills and capsule supplements. The most effective method is a “trap” blister with a foil barrier. Using this technique, supplement pills and capsules are first pre-packaged in “foil” blisters before the packages are completed with rigid trap card blisters. The method improves upon traditional face blister alternatives, providing better protection and merchandising advantages.

When a pill or capsule is enclosed in a traditional face blister, the blister cavity adheres directly to the blister card. Not only is the flange and seal area visible, but the contents also come in direct contact with the blister card — lacking the appropriate barrier properties to keep them fresh. Incorporating a foil layer cleans up the presentation, creating better aesthetics and reinforcing consumer confidence in the product.

The trap blister w/foil barrier alternative serves-up multiple advantages, including these benefits:

  • The trap blister foil barrier option is better than a traditional face blister pack because the foil blister is fully sealed between 2 cards. The process hides the blister flange, resulting in a clean presentation. Whether the card is hung or presented in a PDQ tray, this packaging method elevates merchandising possibilities.
  • Incorporating a foil barrier liner into pill packages protects the supplements from moisture, air, and dirt, creating the most shelf-stable units possible. Extending supplement shelf life with this type of enclosure reduces waste loss, effectively lowering production and distribution costs.
  • Compared to traditional face blister cards, trap blisters lend more of a “pharmaceutical” presentation to dietary supplements. The enhancement provides protective barriers, but it also instills confidence, reassuring consumers the pills were handled and packaged with care.
  • The foil blister sub-assembly provides an excellent surface for printing. The area can be used for compliance with FDA standards, imprinting date stamps, lot codes, and other information.
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Making the Most of Color and Graphics

Each dietary supplement package provides opportunities to customize and share your most important brand messages. To stand out among competing products, turn to memorable color schemes and eye-catching graphics.

Use packaging to boost the perceived value of your product, including glossy presentations consumers associate with high-quality goods. Adding a shiny, UV varnish to supplement blister cards is an inexpensive way to make your product packaging “pop” in competitive retail environments.

Using PDQ Trays and Counter Displays to Help Sell Your Products

Beyond the primary packaging and sub-assembly of your supplement foil blister packs, various merchandising methods can help spur sales. Among the most effective, PDQ trays furnish versatile vessels for presenting face blisters, foil blister packs, and pouches. The compact merchandisers help retailers maximize display space, which always comes at a premium. At the same time, PDQ trays furnish an excellent solution for organizing dietary supplement cards in appealing, value-added presentations. A die-cut insert in the bottom ensures the cards remain vertical, standing neatly in the countertop display. Use these space-efficient merchandisers to minimize your retail footprint without sacrificing sales.

For the best results in packaging your supplements, use flexible foil blister solutions to package dietary supplements. The highly effective packaging method provides enhanced protection and presents merchandising opportunities you can use to increase sales.

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