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Why Is Some Packaging Difficult To Open?

Clamshell PackagingWe’ve all been there. You need something like a cell phone charger or memory card in an emergency so you buy one, but when you try to open the package, it’s virtually impossible! So you have to search for scissors or a utility knife to get into the package. It can be frustrating and annoying to the consumer, but clamshell packaging actually does have an important purpose. And, surprisingly in the end, it benefits not just the manufacturer, but also the consumer.

Why Is Clamshell Packaging Necessary?

Electronics are among the most common products that come in clamshell packaging. The reason is…well, clear. Manufacturers want consumers to be able to see the product firsthand so they display it in clear plastic. But since electronics are the most commonly stolen products on the market, some retailers will only agree to carry products that are in clamshell packaging.

Here are some ways clamshell packaging deters theft:

  • Thieves are more likely to steal a product that they can easily hide in a pocket. A clamshell package is usually bigger than the actual product so it is harder to conceal.
  • Methods of sealing, like RF (radio frequency) sealing, require the package to be opened with a knife or scissors. Meaning a thief cannot easily open the package in the store and slip the smaller item into their pocket.
  • Security devices can be added to the inside of the packaging.

Other Benefits To Clamshell Packaging

Another major benefit to packaging a product in clamshell packaging is to protect it from damage. Because most clamshells are made to mold to the shape of the product, it is less likely to be damaged in shipping or if dropped in the store. This protects both the manufacturer and retailer from having to damage out items from their inventory.

What’s great about clamshell packaging is that is 100% customizable. You choose the overall closed clamshell size, the method of sealing, whether it will have a hang hole or a ‘foot’ to sit on a shelf, and the graphic insert card to explain your product’s features and instructions. The result is packaging that helps sell your product while at the same time protecting it.

How Do Clamshells Benefit The Consumer?

It may seem like clamshell packaging is only beneficial to protecting the bottom line of the retailer or manufacturer. But it actually benefits the consumer too. If stores experience less shrinkage, they are able to keep costs low. But if thefts go up on a specific item, then the retail cost may go up accordingly.

Protective packaging also means that the consumer gets a product that hasn’t been damaged, along with assurance that the product is new and unopened.

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  1. Luanne Scholten

    Still dislike having to use a box cutter to open many products

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