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Skin Packaging vs. Blister Packaging

For good visual packaging and production of any retail product, many companies wonder whether they should blister packaging or skin packaging. There are many similarities between the two packaging techniques but also many differences.
Skin Packaging Vs Blister Packaging
Of the two options, blister packaging has the highest “perceived value” on the retail shelf and has many advantages in packaging. The consumer will accept the clean lines, glossy protective PVC outer shell, and good card graphics as a quality packaging solution.

On the other hand, skin packaging is often used with lower-cost items and accessories, which end up categorizing it as the lesser expensive, lower value proposition.

There are several considerations you should use when deciding which packaging type would be best for your product:

  • What will your product sell for? If it is selling for under $5.00, then skin packaging may be the best option.
  • What is the volume of your packaging production runs? Skin packaging may be the more cost-effective solution if they are greater than 1 million units. For volumes between 25K and 500K, blister and skin may be identical in cost.
  • What is the item that you are packaging? If it is related to hardware, accessories, metal components, drill bits, or anything small and light, skin packaging may be the best solution.
  • Will your package be holding several different items in it that your want the consumer to be able to view? Skin packaging is a suitable format for this.
  • Do you need some images or icons on your package to help explain what it is or what it does? Blister cards provide the best surface for printing clean graphics, as virgin SBS (solid bleach sulfate) is most commonly used. On the other hand, a mylar film covers the entire front surface of a skin card which can inhibit the clarity and overall printing quality of a skin card.

Here are some advantages of Blister Packaging:

  • High perceived value at retail
  • Several design options such as trap blister, multiple blister, mock clamshell, full face blister
  • Package can offer both a hang hole AND a stand-up “foot” option
  • SBS card stock is excellent for high-end graphics
  • Cost-effective options are available for printing 4/4 (4 colors on the front of the card and four colors on the back of the card)
  • Accepted by all retail outlets
  • Theft resistant
  • Transparent, rigid protective PVC blister front to showcase and protect your product
  • Can stand on a shelf or hang on a peg
  • No die-cutting required

Here are some advantages of Skin Packaging:

  • Low cost in high volumes (over 1MM units per year)
  • Clear film (skin) on the front of the card gives the consumer a clear view of your entire product
  • Hang hole available for hanging on a peg
  • Can display multiple components on one card
  • Clear glossy film protects the product and is theft resistant
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