Packaging and Marketing of Gummy Vitamins

As any adult knows, getting the kids to eat right can be a real chore. Children generally prefer sweets to vegetables, and truth be told, so do the grown-ups.

One of the most popular sweet treats over the years has been gummy bears and gummy vitamins. Those sweetly tart, chewy little bear-shaped candies are a definite hit with both kids and adults. The gummy bear phenomenon has expanded to include gummy worms, gummy snakes and gummy cartoon characters.

Bottle Vitamin Gummy Bear Bottling
Olly Bottle Vitamin – Gummy Bear Bottling

Now, the gummy revolution is focusing on getting kids, and adults, to eat well. The gummy bear vitamin is one of the fastest-growing trends in the health supplement market, and large brands such as Olly, Garden of Life, and Smarty Pants are leading the market. Gummy vitamins are sweet, fun, and deceptively chock full of vitamins.

Gummy Vitamins Take to the Shelves

One of the major draws of gummy bear vitamins is the fun factor. Fun shaped sweets appeal to children, and are a good way to get kids to take their vitamins. That all-important fun factor needs to be reflected in the packaging. Whether it’s bears, worms or superheroes on the inside, the package itself needs to establish the fun and vitality of the gummy vitamin product.

gummy bear vitamin packaging kidsMany manufacturers of gummy vitamins opt for a colorful approach to their packaging, in both the labels and the basic container. Clear-colored plastic allows the product to be seen and recognized by the customer and helps to lend a distinctive look to the product on the retail shelf. This colorful approach to the packaging of children’s vitamins also engages the target consumer. Children can be a big motivator when shopping with their parents, and when they spot something on the shelf that they want, mom and dad hear about it.

In keeping with the notion of reflecting the fun of gummy bear vitamins through product packaging, some manufacturers are experimenting with new shapes in their rigid packaging.

Flared, or bell-shaped plastic bottles help the product stand apart from the more traditional vitamins on display. Again, the fun factor equates to interest from children, and that interest is quickly relayed to the purchasing parent. Using an alternative packaging model is a good way of achieving both product and brand recognition, and manufacturers are always on the look out for ways to solidify their product’s identity in the consumer’s consciousness.

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Changing to an Alternative Packaging Model

Both of these alternatives to the traditional packaging and marketing of vitamins offer a high visibility quotient and the distinct advantage of being easy to implement.  An experienced contract packaging partner can help a manufacturer to design a suitably eye-catching container and can suggest colors and labeling possibilities to make the product really stand out. The health and wellness market has become crowded with vitamins for both adults and children, and grabbing a potential consumer’s attention begins with attention-grabbing packaging.

Once the package design has been approved by the manufacturer, the contract packaging service can go to work. Even with an alternative design for the vitamin’s rigid container, the blend and fill packaging process remains basically the same. Any secondary packaging processes, such as bundling for club sales or hand assembly for point-of-purchase displays, can be completed during final fulfillment. Again, the fact that no major retooling needs to be done on the contractor’s end means that these packaging changes can be achieved quickly and cost-efficiently.

Putting these packaging and marketing changes into effect begins with choosing the right Contact packaging partner. Assemblies Unlimited has been in the packaging business since 1993, and can offer state of the art facilities as well as the experienced workforce needed to take your project from raw product to final fulfillment.

Assemblies Unlimite is safety certified by the FDA, AIB, and GFSI for food handling, so you can be sure your project is in good hands. Assemblies Unlimited offers their business partners the latest packaging trends and remains unsurpassed in providing the packaging solutions manufacturers expect.

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