Packaging Process Taps Multiple Disciplines

Contract packagers wear several hats as they prepare to bring your products to market.  The packaging process relies on a precisely orchestrated timeline blending design elements, modern manufacturing methods, material sourcing and a host of logistical solutions.  While some companies handle the progression in-house, others reach out to packaging professionals familiar with each aspect of the process.

Turnkey packaging providers are prepared to handle projects from conception to completion, using experience in a variety of disciplines to get the job done and adding value in every link of the supply chain.  World-class capabilities and capital equipment that is paid for are 2 great reasons to outsource your project to a packaging professional who has the experience to meet your deadlines and avoid unnecessary mistakes.

Experience and Partnerships

Contract Packaging companies can be industry specific, providing packaging for pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, health and hygiene, and countless other retail categories. Professional packagers create custom solutions full-time, so the experience they bring to your project adds value to the process.  Successful project management relies on teamwork facilitated through proven materials suppliers who are approved by packagers familiar with industry practices.

Starting with design and consultation, packagers integrate your ideas into workable concepts that can be efficiently brought to market.  Before production begins, designers, graphic artists, and retail package consultants work with you and your packager to weigh options and create custom designs.  Each client has a unique set of deliverables, so flexibility is required to create seamless transitions into the next phases of the operation.

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Materials and Sourcing

Once your marketing strategies are clear and you’ve committed to designs and artwork, contract packagers can help you determine the proper packaging supplies AND suppliers in order to create timelines, production planning and any other supply chain logistics necessary for success.

Materials are an important consideration, especially when packaging sensitive food items and nutraceuticals.  FDA compliant facilities and materials are required for some packaging jobs, so make sure your contractor has the correct certifications in place.  Balancing cost-effectiveness with adequate protection is a hallmark of packaging success, further underscoring the importance of access to preferred materials suppliers.  To keep costs down and ensure only the highest quality packaging materials are sourced for your job take advantage of trusted partnerships established by professional packagers.

Production and Logistics

Placing your products on store shelves is the endgame, so packagers work within your production schedule to keep pace with your retail demand.  Existing relationships with freight companies allow packaging providers to ship timely, landing shelf-ready goods at their destinations as required – without creating inventory backlogs.

In many cases, the location where your goods are packaged is an important consideration.  Look for packagers with multiple facilities or centrally located plants that serve your geography efficiently.  Each location should have SOP’s (standard operating procedures), HAACP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) and cGMPS (current good manufacturing practices) to ensure your project is in a controlled environment and meets all of the certifications consistent with the industry served.

Your packaging provider is more valuable when facilities are large and flexible enough to grow with you, keeping pace as demand  increases.  While it is not always possible, using providers familiar with your particular industry can lead to a smoother packaging experience.

Communication is Key to Success

Effective two-way communication is essential between professional packagers and clients.  Leaning on experienced providers is an effective strategy for small and middle-sized producers, but unforeseen problems do occur along the way.  Contract with an experienced copacker with a solid reputation so you don’t disrupt your supply chain.

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