Holiday Packaging – An Infographic

Special holiday packaging has been a successful marketing tactic for many major brands. Also, end-of-year holidays represent significant leger entries for wholesalers and retailers counting on seasonal sales. Every effort is made to maximize order totals during November and December, when the lion’s share of spending occurs. Ever-innovative merchandising approaches continue to rely on high-quality packaging to capture consumers’ attention and stimulate holiday sales.

Creating limited edition merchandise captures the target market’s desire for exclusivity.  Packaging professionals create holiday-inspired “special edition” packages to help products stand-out in the crowded fourth-quarter marketplace – even when goods they contain remain unchanged.

Below, you’ll find an amazingly detailed infographic on some of the influential holiday packaging campaigns with major brands and designs that customers love! Please feel free to share this graphic on Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook using the sharing options or through the embed code.

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Holiday Packaging Infographic

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