Winter Holidays Call for Creative Packaging Solutions

End-of-year holidays represent significant ledger entries for wholesalers and retailers counting on seasonal sales. Every effort is made to maximize order totals during November and December when the lion’s share of spending occurs. Ever-innovative merchandising approaches continue to rely on high-quality packaging to capture consumers’ attention and stimulate holiday sales.

Packaging providers understand the significance of fourth-quarter purchases, furnishing distinct presentations for the selling season. Turnkey contractors handle every aspect of holiday packaging, beginning with design consultation and ending with repeat seasonal sales. In addition, distinct holiday packages like gift sets, special editions, gift boxes, baskets, and bags create upselling opportunities for retailers by bundling and promoting items creatively.

Gift Sets Lead to Higher Sales

Seasonal gift set assemblies combine related products in visually appealing ways. The exclusive holiday revenue-generators drive sales upward by bundling items into higher-ticket units, promoting enhanced value simultaneously. In addition, sets are not limited to particular industries, providing practical merchandising tools within health and beauty, food and beverage, and other consumer categories.

Holiday gift sets are brought together using a variety of packaging approaches, including combination boxes, shrink wrapping, and custom thermoformed enclosures. Health and beauty aids packaged in bottles, for example, lend themselves to secondary packaging made from combinations of materials and molded plastic inserts cradle perfume, shampoo, and other bottled goods, before sliding into cardboard boxes. Cut-outs allow shoppers to see what they are getting, which remains snugly protected by the molded inserts.

Footed clamshell containers achieve results similar to boxed goods, furnishing stable stand-up gift sets capable of bundling irregularly shaped items into viewable units. In addition, holiday-themed graphics complete each packaging arrangement, further reinforcing the unique nature of seasonal gift sets.

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Special Holiday Editions

While combining items in gift sets appeals to shoppers’ sense of value, creating limited-edition merchandise captures the target market’s desire for exclusivity. Packaging professionals make holiday-inspired “special edition” packages to help products stand out in the crowded fourth-quarter marketplace – even when the goods they contain remain unchanged.
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Changing the size or appearance of primary packaging creates a new look, promoting “limited” access. Including seasonal artwork and holiday themes in special edition designs cement the exclusive nature of limited-release packages, prompting seasonal add-on purchases.

Stand-out holiday designs also lead to secondary sales among companies providing gift baskets, bags, and boxes.

Gift Baskets Have Come a Long Way

Traditional gift-giving includes baskets loaded with holiday treats and other personalized content. In addition, flooded with other holiday revelers, food and beverages lend themselves to gift basket assemblies. Still, creative gift parcels using boxes and other functional items as bases also contain various non-edible items.

In addition to snacks, candy, wine, and spirits, themed gift baskets are built around cosmetics, kitchen gadgets, and countless other consumer combinations.

Shredded paper, foam inserts, and other filler materials are used to cradle gift basket contents before they are ultimately sealed with cello wrap or shrink film. Additional reinforcements, including corrugated shipping cartons and padded inner containers, are utilized when baskets and gift boxes are shipped.

Packaging contractors help retailers meet fourth-quarter sales goals, using gift sets, special edition merchandising, and other creative gift-giving assemblies.

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