Club Store Packaging Trends & POP Display Assemblies

Netgear 10ct POPMerchandising trends mirror developments unfolding in retail markets, so contract packagers strive to stay one step ahead of consumers.  Today, the retail marketplace includes club stores that straddle the line between traditional retail outlets and discount warehouses.  As a result; innovative POP display assemblies are required, which accommodate the high-volume club store packaging approach.

In many cases, the most effective merchandising approach for club stores involves pallet-sized display assemblies that can be quickly placed in service.  And while facilitating high-volume sales is a primary concern, effective club store packaging also accounts for aesthetics and brand-building.  Half-pallet and quarter-pallet displays are also used in club stores, enabling precise point-of-purchase placement and flexibility showcasing a variety of items.

Ready to Roll

Club store retailing is a relatively new market trend, which relies on efficiency and volume to keep prices low for members.  In order to remain competitive, stores like BJ’s Wholesale Club, Costco, Sam’s Club, and other big-box stores depend on efficient transportation, distribution, and merchandising.  As result, warehouse-like club stores require packaging assemblies that are retail-ready upon arrival.

club store packaging palletBasic pallet-sized club packs, for example, furnish self-contained units that simply need to be wheeled into place and uncovered.  In most cases, club packs can be shopped from all sides, furnishing flexible merchandising solutions that include lots of opportunities to promote graphics and other brand information.  In fact, club store merchandising requirements have elevated the standard for printing high-quality graphics on corrugated boxes and displays.

Depending on precise design specifications provided by big-box club stores, PDQ trays are often used to organize individual items, before being packed in retail-friendly configurations that give shoppers access from multiple sides.

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Packaging Sells Itself

Supplement PackagingIndividual unit packaging and bundled displays are always important merchandising and brand-building tools, but the stakes are even higher for packaging assemblies destined for club stores.  The philosophy of volume-based membership retailers depends on low levels of personal engagement with customers, so club store packaging needs to sell itself.  As a result, club store packaging uses high visibility and attention-grabbing graphics to sell goods, leading to packaging innovations in these areas.  Shrink-wrap printed with proprietary artwork, for example, is used to bundle everything from canned beverages to discount multi-packs favored by volume retailers.

In addition to appealing presentations, club store packaging accounts for consumer handling and display durability.  Working with club retailers, contract packagers design displays that are structurally sound, accessible and visibly stimulating.  While it can be a tall order, experienced packagers step-up with turnkey solutions for countless products.

Keeping pace with modern merchandising includes meeting emerging demands from club store retailers.  The unique club store paradigm accounts for an increasing share of retail returns, so packagers continue to respond to club store needs with innovative packaging designs.  In addition to efficient distribution and display solutions, club stores call on packagers to devise effective club merchandisers for a variety of products, including SKUs requiring creative packaging solutions.  And like other retailers, club stores continually refresh their presentations, so contract packagers are task with frequent updates and changes to packaging designs.

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