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POP Display Assemblies

POP DisplayMerchandising occupies a primary place of consideration for retailers seeking to maximize sales and profitability, making POP display a great solution.  Placement concerns must be balanced with available square footage and consumer behavior.  It isn’t always what is on display that drives sales, but sometimes how it is displayed.  Seasoned retail professionals will attest to this; moving products and changing display strategies is often all it takes to increase sales.removed text from here.

Individual unit packaging is an important factor that influences the number of units sold, but it is only the first step in presenting consumer goods attractively.  How items are grouped, and where they are placed has a significant impact on the bottom line, rendering point-of-purchase display assemblies as  valuable sales tools for retailers.

Certain products lend themselves to specific types of displays.  Important determinations must be made before moving forward with point of purchase decisions.

POP Display Parameters

  • Where an item will be sold has a great deal of impact on the type of POP display that is appropriate.  Home-improvement stores and convenience stores have very different merchandising requirements; there is no one size fits all point of purchase display.
  • Size matters in retailing, where floor space is always at a premium. The size of individual units feeds the need to a certain extent, but sometimes retailers work the equation in reverse, utilizing available space to accommodate the product.  Custom POP displays are paramount here.
  • The number of units to be contained in a display helps determine its size and configuration.  The stalwart retail adage: “Stack ’em high, and watch ’em fly” was not conceived of clever conjecture, but rather from empirical evidence that supports the theory.  Sometimes a bigger stack is better.  On the other hand, limited numbers of items displayed at once creates an exclusive air around a product that drives sales forward.  The number of facings and the number of sides “shopped” on a POP display can drastically impact your sales success.
  • Cross marketing is achieved through effective point of purchase exhibits that contain multiple SKUs. By placing similar or related items proximate to one another, retailers create add-on sales by tapping consumers’ tendency to buy multiple items within category groupings.  Custom POP display assemblies allow manufacturers and wholesalers to add value to their products by grouping them for retail placement.
  • Some display units utilize single faces that can only be shopped from one side.  POP assemblies that stand against walls are commonly single-sided.  On the other hand, merchandising ‘islands’ that stand alone in open areas provide multiple faces for shoppers to peruse.  High volume applications shine here, because more than one browser at a time can utilize the display without feeling constricted.

POP Display Suitability

Once general parameters have been contemplated, specific POP assemblies can be studied for their suitability.

  • Counter displays are perfect for small items that fall into the ‘impulse’ purchase category.  A POP assembly containing 40 cent gourmet chocolates can have a profound impact on the long-term bottom line – even when only a small percentage of shoppers buy one.
  • Dump bins are effective volume merchandising tools for small everyday items.  Health and beauty aids in travel sizes are a perfect example of items well-placed in box-shaped dump bins.
  • Gravity displays provide specialized presentation vehicles that efficiently keep products within reach for customers. The tubular packaging used for products like lip-balm naturally facilitates gravity-fed POP display assemblies.
  • Floor displays can be configured in endless ways, accommodating your customers’ retail requirements precisely.
  • Power wing and sidekick displays allow end-of-the aisle positioning utilizing clips to hold the merchandising display at eye level.  These are very popular in Wal-Mart, Auto Accessory retailers, Meijer, Kohls, Kmart, BBB and many others.
  • Utilizing POP assemblies creates added-value for manufacturers and wholesalers, by taking display concerns out of the hands of retailers.  Contract packaging companies create custom units that arrive at stores retail-ready.

Point of purchase display solutions are at your fingertips, when you consult with the right packager.

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